Hi! I'm Sophie Berger

BSc in Computer Science and Master of Management student at UBC. Founding iOS engineer at Mindset.

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Email: berger.m.sophie@gmail.com

Phone: +1 (236)862-3848

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Pemberly (Play & Ember)

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Tailored Apps

Full-time iOS Developer Intern

- "Entrepreneurs of the year 2017"

2019 ...

Mindstep startup

Founding iOS engineer

- World's largest AI dementia initiative


UBC Undergraduate Researcher

Full-time undergraduate research intern

- Research within Human Computer Interaction



Full-stack software engineer intern

- CRM enablement team


Here's some of my work

Browser Extension


Find Amazon products locally. Save shipping costs, reduce CO2 emissions and help your local economy. This is an extension that allows users to search for Amazon products in their own surrounding in order to find local stores at which to buy the desired items.


Local - Find Amazon products locally | Product Hunt Local - Find Amazon products locally | Product Hunt

Chrome Extension - available for download

StickIt: Reading Retention

This extension lets you increase your reading retention and remember what you read, by prompting you to answer some quick questions when you reach the end of a site. The currently supported sites are Medium and wikipedia articles.


StickIt - An extension that lets you retain the information you read. | Product Hunt

Startup/ iOS App


Mindstep is the world's largest AI dementia initiative. I am a founding iOS engineer of the startup and together with medical professionals and professors we have designed and developed an iOS dementia screening application. The app is in the top 5 health apps in the UK App Store and was already featured on multiple news and social media plattforms, including BBC and Sky News.

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iOS App - available for download

Central: Parking Search

Find the best place to park near the destinations you need to go to, no matter how many they are, or where they are in the world! Simply enter the address or location info of each destination and select whether you want to get the address of the garage/parking lot closest to all destinations, or just the address of the best region to park in. No need to create any accounts or sign-in, or to provide any payment details. Simply open the app and get what you need. It's as simple as that!

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Central: Parking Search - Find the best place to park near where you need to go to! | Product Hunt Embed

Web App


Physio-Space is a web-app built using the React library. It offers an in-home solution to complete physiotherapy exercises, using computer vision. The 3D position data collected during these exercises is sent to the therapist for analysis, and is accompanied by pain-scale data entered by the user after an exercise.

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Android App


nekoTap is a mobile Android solution to improve drug adherence and thus results in more effective treatments. It focuses on accessability and usability, in addition to utilizing NFC technology for patients to receive drug information. nekoTap was one of the top 12 projects in the Americas submitted to the Microsoft Imagine Cup in 2019.

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Android/iOS App

Soil TopARgraphy

Soil TopARgraphy is an AR application which makes soil education more emersive. It was introduced to the APBI200 class at UBC and is available as an Android and iOS application. It utilizes Unity as well as the Google maps SDK to quiz students on soil based on location. This app was presented at the MURC conference at UBC.

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Machine Learning

TensorFlow Lite Google NIMA models

This is an iOS project which implements TensorFlow Lite conversions of existing TensorFlow models following Google NIMA (Neural Image Assessment). The app can be used to get an aesthetic as well as technical ranking on a 1-10 scale for images in the asset catalogue. In addition, the "best" image with the highest mean score can be determined.

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